Digital Health Startup Health2Sync

The Challenge
Health2Sync provides integrated hardware and software services. As the first step, we offer a solution for the daily logbook issue for diabetics by using mobile devices to automatically link home blood glucose meters and quickly organize and record data for the greatest effectiveness; our products support the hardware specifications of current home blood glucose meter brands.
Our Approach
Digital innovation together with clients in the medical ecosystem
1.Discovery & strategy: We implement design workshops to find the right insights.
2.Digital branding: Branding position, brand marketing 
3.Design & Build: Responsive team work to quickly build a prototype based on UX / UI design solutions.
Our Solution

When we started working on the project, the first stage consisted of a design workshop in which different people represented the consumers who would actually use the product and the problems the product could solve. From there, the UX team designed a prototype and then moved on to the actual design stage, during which editing, changes, etc. were thoroughly discussed. Once the prototype was confirmed, the design team sketched designs and created the user interface design that would later be used to develop the app.

The branding service includes packaging design since the clients also sell a smart cable that allows patients to easily download data from their blood glucose meter to the app. Furthermore, we designed the first version of our corporate website. Some of the company’s identity uses the same corporate image, as did most everything that involved branding image, including anything used for the company’s PR.
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